In Census 2016, people will be asked to state the number of hours per week that they provide “regular unpaid help.” In 2011, 187,112 people identified themselves as providing regular unpaid help.

Census 2011 , for the first time in Ireland, facilitated the identification of  young Carers under 15 years of age as among those  “providing unpaid help”.  It showed that 4,228 children aged under 15 years were engaged in providing care to others, accounting for 2.3 per cent of all carers.

For further information on carers in Census 2011, click here

It is hoped that the information on this page will assist people in completing Question 22 on the census form in order to:

  • Ensure an accurate count of carers in Ireland and the hours they spend caring.
  • Ensure that everyone who provides regular unpaid personal help for a friend or family member with a long term illness, health problem or disability identifies themselves as a carer.
  • Ensure that those in receipt of Carers Allowance answer ‘Yes’ to question 22.
  • Help explain to carers what hours they should count e.g. hands-on caring work, essential companionship / supervision work.
  • Get accurate up to date statistics to facilitate planning for the provision of services.

Did you know?

  • Over 40,000 carers, care for more than 43 hours per week
  • Overall, 8% of adults said they provided unpaid help or assistance to someone,
  • 10% of women and 6% of men 13% of adults aged 45-64 were carers.
  • 327 million hours of unpaid care was provided by carers in 2011