Census for Carers

Question 22. Carers Count Campaign

The purpose of Question 22 is to gain an accurate measure of the number of Carers and the amount of work carried out by Carers.

This page contains information developed in association with the Carers Count Campaign to assist you in answering Question 22 of the census.



What is a carer?

A carer is anyone who provides regular unpaid personal help for a friend or family member with a long term illness, health problem or disability.

If you are a carer you should mark the box in Question 22 in the April 2016 Census.

What does unpaid mean:

Being in receipt of the Carers Allowance or other such payment from the Dept of Social Protection does not constitute payment in this regard and you should complete Question 22.

What kind of personal help is included:

This includes regular daily tasks, some of an intimate nature, that the person receiving care is unable to perform for themselves. This will vary for those who are elderly, physically or mentally disabled, or suffering from a variety of health problems but will typically include washing, dressing, feeding, shopping and medical visits. It also includes personal supervision essential for the safety and comfort of the person receiving care.

To view / download the carers information leaflet, please click here.

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