Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    I have full time paid job but look after my parent. I get them ready in the morning and stay in with them each night and phone several times during the day. Am I a carer?

A:    YES

Q:     My mother is now confined to a wheelchair. Beyond meals and dressing she is fine and enjoys television so I can get on with my normal life around the house. But she gets very distressed if I go out, so I just don’t go out? Am I a full time carer?

A:    YES

Q:    My daughter broke her leg this year and for two months I did everything for her. Does that count as caring?

A:    NO. It does not constitute REGULAR caring in the meaning of the question.

Q:    My husband and I cannot take a holiday as we cannot leave my aunt alone. My sister would happily stay here but my aunt insists that I stay. Am I carer? My husband works full time but helps a lot with lifting and transport. What hours should he put in?

A:    YES. You are a carer. YES. Your husband is a carer and should count his hours.

Q:    I am under 15 years of age and going to school. I look after my brother who has Downs Syndrome, after school, until my mother gets home from work. Am I a carer?

A:    YES. You should count your hours.

Did You Know?

  • Four in ten carers look after a parent or parent-in-law
  • A third of carers looking after someone in the same household have been caring for 10 years or more
  • A third of carers are caring for someone who needs care due to old age
  • 61% of the total carers were female (114,113) , 39%  were male (72,999) in 2011