Traveller Community


The census is an important opportunity to gather information on the Traveller community.  Members of the Traveller Community will be able to indicate their ethnic or cultural background as Irish Traveller in Question 11 of the census form.

As a distinct ethnic group with specific needs it is important that all members of the Travelling community participate in Census 2016 by making sure that they are included on a census form.
The results of the 2016 Census will directly affect people in the Traveller community.

Census information is used widely by local authorities and other organisations to help understand and meet the needs of local communities, for example to plan a wide range of public services, including:

  • Schools: for children growing up now and in the future
  • Social housing: for families who need an affordable place to live
  • Healthcare: facilities that everyone can access easily
  • Training: for people who want to learn new skills

It’s vital that these services are accessible to all people and reflect the cultural diversity and a broad mix of ages and lifestyles in today’s society.

CSO have been working with Pavee Point to promote awareness and education of the census amongst the Traveller Community. Visit the Pavee Point website for further information and to view the DVD which has been produced to explain the importance of the census.

For further information on the census form and resources to assist you in completing the form contact us.