Become a Census Enumerator

Sunday April 24th 2016 is census night in Ireland and we need census enumerators to help make sure it runs as smoothly and successfully as ever. By acting as an enumerator we’ll need you to distribute the census forms in advance of April 24th and then return to collect them once the census has taken place. You’ll also be required to answer questions that people might have. Successful candidates should be available to work at different times of day and also at weekends in order to ensure that all forms are distributed and collected in person.

The job at a glance

  • Applications open on 5th January 2016 and close on 12th January 2016.
  • Contract runs for 10 weeks from 21st March until 27th May .
  • Hours are flexible, mainly evenings and weekends (minimum of 22 hours/week).

Dealing with the Public

  • Are you happy to approach a very broad range of people?
  • Are you confident knocking on doors of residences not knowing who may answer or the reaction you might receive?

Personal Skills

  • Do you enjoy working under pressure?
  • Are you proficient at map-reading, locating and finding your way around towns, cities and the countryside?

Personal Organisation

  • Are you comfortable dealing with large numbers of forms and other types of paperwork?
  • Are you able to cope with the pressure of working to a critical and challenging deadline?

Meet the previous census Enumerators