Census 2016 Results

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has published the Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS) from Census 2016. Small Area Population Statistics have 45 tables, organised into themes, such as sex age and marital status, families, housing, education and occupation. The accompanying interactive mapping application, SAPMAP, allows a person to select an area of interest by using the address search facility or by pinpointing a location on the map. This provides instant access to the full set of census statistics for that area. Users can access step-by-step instructions on the SAPMAP application. Data can also be downloaded in PDF or Excel format.
Census 2016 Small Area Population Statistics
Press Statement
The next thematic report to be published will be Profile 4 – Households and Families on the 27th of July at 11am. View Census 2016 Publication Schedule and previous reports

What is the Census?

The census is a detailed account of everybody who is in the country on census night. On 24th April everybody is Ireland was required to enter their details on a census form.

The importance of the census is that it accounts for everybody in the country no matter where they are. The results provide invaluable information on not only population size for the country as a whole, but also about the make-up of the population of towns, villages, and other small areas across the country. As well as collecting information on the age and sex of the population, a range of different questions relating to households and individuals are also asked such as where and what people work at, how people travel to work, school and college, languages spoken, disabilities, families, housing and lots more.

Who conducts the Census?

The census is conducted by the Central Statistics Office (CSO)

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The Census Form

The main household census form caters for up to six persons present in the household on Census Night. There are 35 questions on the form which must be answered in respect of each individual who is present in the household . Read more...

Census in School

Learning about the census and about how to effectively use census and other statistical data is a key part of our education. It helps us to understand our society and our role as responsible citizens in participating in that society. Read more....