Census Night 24th April 2016

April 24 2016 is Census Night. On this night every household in the country is required to complete a census form.

Your census enumerator will deliver a census form to every household in your area. It will take them a few weeks to get around to every house as they are required to make direct contact with the householder and deliver the form in person. If you are not at home when they call, they will leave a calling card with their contact details on it; you can ring them to arrange to have your form delivered or, alternatively, wait for them to call back. If you have not received your form by 19 April, you should contact CSO directly by logging a Helpdesk call requesting a census form.

It should take you about 30 minutes to complete the census form (for an average sized household). When you have completed the form, please read and sign the declaration. Please keep your completed form in a safe place until the enumerator calls to collect it.

The enumerator will call to collect your form before May 23. Please wait for them to call. However if your form has not been collected by Monday 23 May then please post it, fully completed, to:


Central Statistics Office
PO Box 2016
Freepost F4726
Co. Dublin

K67 D2X4