Is this job for me?

The role of an enumerator test edit

The role of Enumerator is a unique one. In this role you will deliver census forms to all residences in your assigned area ahead of census night, ensuring that you have a contact name for each residence. You will then collect the forms in advance of the collection completed deadline. This often requires a good level of physical fitness. You must ensure that all of the required documentation is completed correctly. There are a number of challenges associated with the role. The following questions are designed to assist you in deciding whether the role of Enumerator would suit you. If you answer ‘no’ to a number of questions, you may wish to consider if this is the role for you.

Dealing with the Public

  • Are you happy to approach a very broad range of people?
  • Are you confident knocking on doors of residences not knowing who may answer or the reaction you might receive?
  • Do you like meeting and engaging with people from all walks of life?
  • Would you be able to cope with frustration when people refuse to answer the door or speak to you?

Personal Skills

  • Do you enjoy working under pressure?
  • Are you proficient at map-reading, locating and finding your way around towns, cities and the countryside?
  • Do you like spending all or most of your time working independently?
  • Are you physically fit and do you enjoy walking and other outdoor activities?
  • Do you have a full driving licence and full time use of a car (necessary in rural areas only)?
  • Are you self motivated and willing to persevere?

Personal Organisation

  • Are you comfortable dealing with large numbers of forms and other types of paper work?
  • Are you able to cope with the pressure of working to a critical and challenging deadline?
  • Are you organised and methodical in your approach, especially relating to managing paperwork?

Specific requirements of the Enumerator role

  • Are you happy working out of doors?
  • Are you flexible and willing to carry out your visits in the morning, the afternoon and at the weekends to ensure you meet your targets?
  • Are you comfortable around dogs?
  • Are you comfortable having your field supervisor visit you in your home for training and organising your work?
  • Are you confident talking to people about the census and assuring them of the confidentiality of the process?
  • Do you have sufficient space to store the large amount of paper work associated with the role?

Listen to enumerators from the previous census talking about the job.