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15th June, 2017

Census 2016 Summary Results Part 2.

Census 2016 Summary Results Part 2 is the second of two summary publications.  The topics covered include employment, education and skills, health, disability and carers as well as commuting patterns.  Interactive maps and tables accompany the report.

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The next report to be published will be Profile 3 – An Age Profile of Ireland on the 6th of July at 11am.  Small Area Population Statistics will be available on July 20th.

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11th May, 2017

Census 2016 Results:  Profile 2 – Population Distribution and Movement.

The second thematic report of Census 2016, Profile 2 – Population Distribution and Movements, is published today.  The topics examined in this publication are the geographical distribution of the population,  population density and internal migration.

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20th April, 2017

Census 2016 Results: Profile 1 – Housing in Ireland.

The first thematic report of Census 2016, Profile 1 – Housing in Ireland, is published today.  This detailed report provides data and analysis on the housing landscape in Ireland over the last five years.

View Census 2016 Results: Profile 1 – Housing In Ireland


6th April, 2017

Census 2016 Summary Results – Part 1.

Census 2016 Summary Results Part 1 is published today.  The report covers population change, age, marital status, households and families, nationality, foreign languages, Irish language, religion and housing.  This is the first of two summary reports, the second will be released on June 15th.

View Census 2016 Summary Results – Part 1

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14th July, 2016

Census 2016 Preliminary Results.

The first results of the 2016 census were released today and show that the preliminary total of the population enumerated on Census Night, Sunday the 24th of April 2016, was 4,757,976 persons.  The preliminary results, published just 12 weeks after census day, are based on a clerical summary of each enumeration area compiled by the 4,663 enumerators.

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25th May, 2016

CSO calls on households to post back forms now.

Just over 1.7m census forms have now been collected by census enumerators across the country.  As enumerators are now finishing collecting forms, all householders are asked to return their census form by post if it has not yet been collected.

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13th May, 2016

Census form collection enters final phase.

The census enumerators are busy collecting forms and will continue to do so until May 23rd.  Almost three weeks have passed now since census night and our enumerators have been putting in an enormous effort to collect the completed census forms.

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9th May, 2016

Census form collection continuing – Just two weeks left.

The census enumerators are busy collecting forms and will continue to do so until May 23rd.  In some cases they are finding it difficult to reach people, so if you have not heard from your enumerator or you have missed them when they called, please call them on the number they have left or LoCall 1850 2016 04.

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29th April, 2016

Census form collection underway

What to do if you make a mistake on the form?

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20th April, 2016

Census 2016 – Only four days to go

Census is an opportunity to make your mark on Ireland

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15th April, 2016

Have you got your census form yet?

Every person in Ireland on Sunday, April 25th must make their mark on Census 2016.

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12th April, 2016

Census Help available

The Central Statistics Office is today launching a helpdesk and app designed to give people help and support as they prepare to make their mark in Census 2016.

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7th April, 2016

CSO calls on apartment managers to open doors for census enumerators

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is today calling on apartment management companies to provide census enumerators with access to apartment blocks. This follows feedback received from census enumerators that they are experiencing difficulties accessing apartment buildings.

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4th April, 2016

Homeless people and Census 2016

Every person in Ireland must be included on a census form on Sunday, April 24th.  Plans are in place to enumerate people who are homeless.

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1st April, 2016

Making Census 2016 accessible.

Sunday, April 24th is Census night. There are a range of supports available to assist people in filling out their census form, such as aids for the visually impaired, help for people with hearing difficulties, assistance for literacy or language difficulties.

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23rd March, 2016

Launch of Census 2016 Field Campaign

Today, the Taoiseach, launched the field campaign for the 2016 Census of Population. Over the coming weeks 4663 Census Enumerators will call to deliver about 2 million Census Forms to every household throughout the country. Householders should keep the form in a safe place until Census Day 24th April and complete it on that night. Everyone in the household on that night should be included on the form.

Census Launch press release

Taoiseach’s speech

Speech by Pádraig Dalton, Director General, CSO


16th March, 2016

Two million census forms printed and ready for Census night 24th April

Two million Census forms have been printed and distributed by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) to field staff ahead of Census night on Sunday 24th April.

All of the forms were packed into crates in the CSO warehouse in Swords and have been delivered to the 430 Census Field Supervisors nationwide. The forms will now be distributed to the census enumerators and on 21th March 2016 the enumerators will begin calling to homes across Ireland delivering the forms. Each of these forms will then be collected by the same enumerator after Census night on 24th April 2016.

The Census forms were printed in Ireland and were printed in both Irish and English.

The 2016 Census takes place on Sunday 24th April 2016. Census enumerators will begin distributing census forms to households on 21th March.