The Census Form

The main household census form caters for up to six persons present in the household on census night. There are 35 questions on the form which must be answered in respect of each individual who is present in the household. In addition there are 11 household questions which the householder must answer relating to the household’s accommodation. The household form also seeks limited information about persons who were temporarily away from the household on census night.

The Census questions

If you would like more information about why a question was asked and the information it provided – see our Detailed Look at Census Questions.

List of questions on the census form

Individual Questions

There are 35 questions on the census form which must be answered for each individual person in the household.

Question 1 – What is your name?
Question 2 – Sex
Question 3 – What is your date of birth?
Question 4 – What is your relationship to Person 1?
Question 5 – What is your current marital status?
Question 6 – What is your place of birth?
Question 7 – Where do you usually live?
Question 8 – Where did you usually live one year ago?
Question 9 – Have you lived outside the Republic of Ireland for a continuous period of one year or more?
Question 10 – What is your Nationality?
Question 11 – What is your ethnic or cultural background?
Question 12 – What is your religion?
Question 13 – How many children have you given birth to?
Question 14 – Can you speak Irish?
Question 15 – Do you speak a language other than English or Irish at home?
Question 16 – Do you have any of the following long-lasting conditions or difficulties?
Question 17 – If ‘Yes’ to any of the categories specified in Question 16, do you have any difficulty in doing any of the following?
Question 18 – How is your health in general?
Question 19 – How do you usually travel to work, school or college?
Question 20 – What time do you usually leave home to go to work, school or college?
Question 21 – How long does your journey to work, school or college usually take?
Question 22 – Do you provide regular unpaid personal help for a friend or family member with a long-term illness, health problem or disability?
Question 23 – If you are aged under 15, go to Q34.
Question 24 – Have you ceased your full-time education?
Question 25 – What is the highest level of education/training (full-time or part-time) which you have completed to date?
Question 26 – What is the main field of study of the highest qualification you have completed to date?
Question 27 – How would you describe your present principal status?
Question 28 – If you are working, unemployed or retired, go to Q 29. If you are a student go to Q34. Otherwise, go to Q35.
Question 29 – Do (did) you work as an employee or are (were) you self-employed in your main job?
Question 30 – What is (was) your occupation in your main job?
Question 31 – If you are retired, go to Q35.
Question 32 – What is (was) the business of your employer at the place where you work(ed) in your main job?
Question 33 – If you are unemployed go to Q35.
Question 34 – What is the full name and address of your place of work, school or college?
Question 35 – Answer questions for the next person in the household.

Household Questions

In addition there are 12 household questions relating to the accommodation which must be answered by the householder:

Question H1 – What type of accommodation does your household occupy?
Question H2 – When was your house, flat or apartment first built?
Question H3 – Does your household own or rent you accommodation?
Question H4 – If your accommodation is rented, how much rent does your household pay?
Question H5 – How many rooms do you have for use only by your household?
Question H6 – What is the main type of fuel used by the central heating in your accommodation?
Question H7 – What type of piped water supply does your accommodation have?
Question H8 – What type of sewerage facility does your accommodation have?
Question H9 – How many cars or vans are owned or are available for use by one or more members of your household?
Question H10 – Does you household have a personal computer (PC)?
Question H11 – Does your household have access to the Internet?
Question H12 – Answer questions for each individual person in the household.

A Step by Step Guide to filling in the Census 2016 has been produced in conjunction with the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) and is available for download here.  This is a useful guide to help anyone not familiar with filling in forms.

Census 2016 forms

A sample copy of the Census 2016 form – English version (PDF) is available here.
A sample copy of the Census 2016 form – Irish version (PDF) is also available.

In association with the National Council for the Blind in Ireland (NCBI), the following versions of the Census 2016 form are also available:

Large print version (PDF)

An Audio version is available to download here in MP3 format

Braille  and CD versions of the census form are available on request from census enumerators and from CSO.

Foreign Language Translations

In addition, the main text of the household form is available in the following languages:























Additional information in the above languages is available on our Foreign Languages page.